Ancient dpaint anims #1 - 'STEVE1 - The Movie'

STEVE1 - The Movie

About the clip:

This epic feature film (ahem) was created in Dpaint Animator over a period of several weeks, on and off. The main green space ship is based on a Viper from Elite, but is not entirely the same - it was just nice and easy to draw. The text and tactical scan of the star system took AGES to figure out how to do - in the end I had to create it backwards, starting with a full picture and gradually deleting bits off. 

The storyline - well.. theres a space ship with some vital cargo to deliver to the space station, and on the way it gets attacked. Not exactly brainstorming stuff, but for a dpaint anim, it's not bad.

Technical bits:

The original animation was created in Dpaint Animator on the PC back in 1991. In December 2001 the dpaint ".ANM" file was re-saved frame by frame in Dpaint Animator, imported into Flash where duplicate frames were removed and timing was improved, and eventually it was re-saved as this ".SWF" with an HTML header.

In 2018 I uploaded it to Youtube which frankly trashed the quality of it, then I realised I could just convert it to an animated gif and put it here instead.