It would appear that summer is actually here.  It was 20°C when I got in my car the other morning..  28°C on my way home that day.

Summer over the fields at Durlston

I was beginning to think that we wouldn't get another warm summer, with 3 years in a row of dull, wet and cold weather from June to, well, basically March the next year.  I thought that perhaps we'd just broken summer, that somehow we'd messed the world up just enough for us to not be worthy of one.

That may still be true, but it seems that, for now at least, hopefully we can look forward to games of Kubb, trips to the seaside where we can actually go on the beach and to barbecues, summer salads and tall glasses of cider with lots of ice.

There's something about a blue sky that just makes everything seem better.  It says "Don't worry, everything is all ok".  They're like a visual hug from the universe.   It's probably some deep hard-coded caveman instinct thing, telling us that hunter-gathering will be easier today.

I did a Google search for "Why are blue skies comforting?"

Google didn't quite understand and showed me lots of links for "Blue Sky Comfort" fabric softener.