Retrospective Sunshine

Phew, what a scorcher!

... is no doubt what the news papers are saying, probably next to some photo of scantily clad people on an overcrowded beach. I don't know that for a fact, but it's a fair bet.

An ice lolly.  It's gone now. 
It certainly is warm here in good old South of England.  It's currently about 29°C - So warm compared to the normal 13°C rainy season that we usually get at this time of year.

Many, many years ago, I guess back when I was in my 20s, I used to basically hibernate during summer, or apparently Aestivate to use the proper word (I had to Google it)

I hid away because I found it far too hot, I'd get REALLY grumpy, and I'd seem to get sun-burn if someone even said the word "Sunshine"

Looking back, I kind of wonder if I should've made more of those times, I could've been doing outside stuff like bike rides and making things out of bits of wood.

But still, it was during these times that I honed my geekcraft, I guess. Hours spent coding in C++ on a green-screen PC, or building early web pages.  Or just gaming.

These days I look back on all the thousands of hours (Ooh. Crikey. Yes, it is thousands) that I spent playing video games and I do wonder if I could've spent that time more productively. But then I think - if I hadn't spent hours hacking the health-point counter in Final Fantasy VII so that I'd gain health every time I got hit - would I have the skills to be able to manually repair database tables now? Or any of the other geekazoid things that I do on a daily basis.


So anyway, I find it easier to cope with these days, although I'm really not sure why.
Also there's plenty of time to make things out of bits of wood.