Why choice is sometimes a bad thing...

So, Microsoft have been forced by the EU to give users a "choice" of which browser they want installed. 
Of course they always HAD a choice, so basically all they've forced them to do is let people know there's a choice. It's like when the BBC have to say "Other [whatevers] are available"

Now. There are several things wrong with this:

As a support person I now have to learn how to use at least 5 browsers I've never heard of because they're part of the "choice" that Microsoft have provided. I know I will get people saying "My best friend's brother install this browser because Microsoft told him to, now he can't find anything"

That's not the worst bit though - the thing that has really irritated me is that the "browser choice" message that starts up automatically looks like spyware, and won't go away. If you say "Choose later" it says "Fine, I'll come back and hassle you next time you reboot" 

Is it real, or is it Spyware?

There is no choice to choose not to choose - i.e. stick with what you had.  You have to choose something.
It's all very "It's me or the dog"

So - the registry key to remove if you want to choose not to choose is


If you delete that, it will not ask again. At least, not until the next time Windows update puts it back..

So, all in all, Microsoft seem to be punishing the users for the EU's attempt to punish Microsoft.
Well done everyone.