Lunchtime wraps

A very quick, easy and extremely tasty meal that I just had for my lunch!


1 flour tortilla (or corn, depends what you prefer)
1 large tomato
Some lettuce
Some mozzarella


Wash and slice the tomato and lettuce.

Slice some mozzarella - how much depends on how much you want!

Place the lettuce, tomato and mozzarella in a straight line, in the middle of the tortilla, going from about a third of the way up, to the top.

Take one side of the tortilla, fold it over the filling, and wrap it tight under the filling.

Roll the other side over the first side, making a tube of filling.

Fold the bottom third over the bottom of the tube, to prevent things falling out the end when you bite it.

Eat it from the top! :-)

Now for variations you can add pretty much whatever you want, but I just added salad cream, much to Kate's disgust.