Money, money, money....

Ok, correct me if I'm wrong - but the whole current financial crisis - it's imaginary.. Nothing has physically changed.. but as it is now, it's a self fulfilling prophesy, the banks are panicked so won't lend to each-other, the people are panicked so want their money out of the banks, the banks can't pay the people because they won't lend to each-other... Everything else is collatoral damage.

Ok, so that's vastly over simplified, but it's still pretty damn stoooopid.

As for the various governments "interventions" - they seem to be making things worse so far.

No idea where it'll end - it has the potential to bring down civilisation, or just make people go "well, that was odd" and move on to something "more interesting" - like which celeb is wearing red shoes with orange tights or something equally innane.