Chrome. First thoughts.

The first thing I noticed was the lack of file-menu, which always bugs me because I'm an old-skool Windows user and obviously fear change.

Other than that, it's quick to render pages, I haven't managed to make it crash yet, and I like the splitting & recombining of tabs out and into individual windows.

The incognito mode (aka "Porn Mode" - thanks for that, Bog) seems to work in a blocking cookies kind of way, and has an amusing spy cartoon in the top left..

The history tab is quite clever with little thumbnails of previous pages, although it does give me the fear for some reason. I don't know why thumbnails of web pages always make me nervous.
The full history listing is fab, and the history search is inspired - I can NEVER re-find things I was looking at earlier.

So yeah. I thought I'd be disinterested and that it would just be "another browser", but it does actually seem to be a step forwards.

Just give me the top menu bar back :-)